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Who we are!

We are a group of singers and musicians united by a passion for the beauties of the English Folk Tradition.  We live in and around Bristol, and many of us have been friends for a long time.  We are well known in the folk world locally.  We specialise in seasonal songs, and also in local songs and tunes from Somerset.  Many of us also research local material and singers/musicians, and their social history.

In addition to concerts, we have presented a number of folk dramas, sometimes under the name of the Great Western Collective.  These have included  Cecil Sharp's Big Night Out  (about Sharp's ealiy collecting in Somerset) and Isambard's Kingdom  (Brunel in Bristol).  Our forthcoming presentation The Pleasures of travelling by steam is in rehearsal.

Several of the Howlers are also members of the Bristol Shantymen.

Why Hotwells Howlers?  The group originally rehearsed at  a pub in Hotwells, Bristol, and adopted the name as a working title.  Although we have now moved across the river, to the historic Nova Scotia to rehearse, and despite having tried out other names at times, the name stuck, and we like to think it reflects some of the passion and joy we bring to our music (alongside professionalism and high quality performances!)