The Howlers perform for the love of singing and playing, and our passion for the music and tunes of the English folk tradition.  We are too big a group, and perform too rarely, to see this as a moneymaking venture, and so we have in general passed any money we make over to various charities.  The only exception is funding our annual post-Christmas meal, and of course meeting any expenses such as hall hire when these arise. 

 Over the years we  have taken it in turns to nominate a charity, but our CD sales have gone to cancer charities, (in memory of our dear friend and founder Howler, Andy Rennie) and our proceeds from performances of Stony Broke in No Man's Land have gone to the British Red Cross, in recognition of their work in the Great War, and their ongoing work around the world today.

We do not have a complete list of the donations we have made, but since 2008 to November 2016 they include:
MacMillan Nurses £1500; Medecin Sans Frontieres (2 donations) £1200; Bristol Oncology Dept, £600; Homeless International £600; Rapid UK (air ambulance) £600; Amnesty International £600, British Red Cross (4 donations) £1580.

From November 2016 donations will be added here as they occur.

December 2016     Crisis at Christmas   £168.50

June 2017             Mike Proctor Foundation £170.00

June 2017             British Red Cross  £330.00

Dec 2017              Mike Proctor Foundation £242.50

Dec 2017             Crisis at Christmas   £286.88

Dec 2018              Shelterbox        £60

Dec 2018              Crisis at Christmas    £585.20

Dec 2018              British Red Cross     £213.62

Jan 2020              Crisis at Christmas    £340.00